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Here are some video and audio recordings related to basic income and Consumer Monetary Theory.

The four featured videos are essential viewing for anyone interested in Project Greshm’s approach to understanding basic income.

2020 — A World With Basic Income — Alex Howlett

2019 — Basic Income: Money Not Jobs — Alex Howlett

2019 — UBI Interview — Alex Howlett & Derek Van Gorder

2020 — Natural Rate of Basic Income — Alex Howlett

Medium Stories

Working Papers

Boston Basic Income

Boston Basic Income started in 2018 as an in-person discussion group livestreamed on YouTube and morphed into more of a podcast format. We wrapped up in October of 2021.

Here are four featured episodes.

2018 — BBI #29: Consumer Monetary Theory vs Modern Monetary Theory

2019 — BBI #56: Workism

2020 — BBI #132: Cultural Incentives

2021 — BBI #155: Financial Instability

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