Question: When will you launch the Greshm System?

When it’s ready. No sooner than ten months from whenever you happen to be reading this.

Question: What’s wrong with the dollar?

Nothing. If the US government wanted to create a UBI using the US dollar, there would be no need for the Greshm System. And it would certainly be less work for us.

Question: Is there a fee for using the Greshm System?

No. The Greshm System will be managed for the benefit of everyone. It is free. You will not have to “buy in” to participate.

Question: Is this some kind of blockchain cryptocurrency thing?


Question: Doesn’t printing money cause inflation?

No. To understand why, read about Consumer Monetary Theory

TL;DR: Inflation only occurs when spending outstrips production. Prices remain stable as long as the additional spending is matched by a commensurate level of additional production.

Question: How do I get on your mailing list?

Why do you want us to spam you? The Greshm System is kind of a big deal. When we launch, you’ll hear about it. Meanwhile, go enjoy life without a cluttered inbox. You’re welcome.

Feel free to contact us though. We’d love to hear from you, especially if you’re interested in the intellectual side of UBI.