Universal Basic Income (UBI), also known as Basic Income, is a regular income paid unconditionally to every individual person.

The economy will not produce what people lack the money to buy. UBI gives them the money.


Money gives people access to the economy's resources.

The way we get people their money is broken. We over-stimulate the financial sector to push money to workers through jobs.

UBI is a sane alternative to the status quo of forcing people to do useless work as an excuse to pay them.


The political momentum behind UBI has outpaced the development of economic theory. Most UBI supporters are not thinking about what makes UBI work.

The Greshm Institute is cultivating an intellectual foundation for UBI.

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The UBI movement has plenty of activists. It needs more learners and thinkers. It's fine if you disagree with our thinking. What's not fine is if too many people leave the thinking to someone else.

The Greshm Institute's Alex Howlett has been thinking about UBI since 2011.

If you're interested in discussing UBI, reach out to The Greshm Institute. It's what we do.