Basic Income

Greshm is an independent
basic income system
backed by the US Dollar

Printing Money

You should be skeptical, but this is serious. We won't print money, but we'll be doing the digital equivalent.

Project Greshm has developed a mechanism that allows us to continually create new currency without devaluing it against the dollar. This stream of new Greshm currency (XGD) will fund everyone's basic income.

We plan to organize the project as a nonprofit to manage the currency for the benefit of society.

1-to-1 Value

One XGD is fixed to be worth one dollar. After XGD sits in your account for a period of days, we automatically replace it with the same amount of USD from our reserves.

When you spend your XGD, the time on it resets. Circulation of XGD thereby protects the reserves.

Eventually, there will be more XGD than USD reserves. But XGD will still be worth one dollar.

Alex Howlett


Alex Howlett is the founder of Project Greshm. He knows that you would have lots of questions for him if you didn't think he was crazy and wrong.

You might as well read the 5-page Greshm white paper and then help out Alex by letting him know what's wrong with it.