Basic Income

Greshm is a US-dollar-based payment system with a built-in Basic Income. It's like PayPal®, but you get free money every day.

Also known as Universal Basic Income (UBI), Basic Income is a regular income paid unconditionally to every individual person.

The economy will not produce what people lack the money to buy. Basic Income gives them the money.

Free Money

The way we get people their money is broken. To the extent that we create jobs to push money to workers, we're not creating jobs because there's actually work that needs doing.

The labor market is a market for getting people to do things. It's not supposed to be a tool for funneling money to consumers.

Handing people free money is a sane alternative to the status quo of forcing people to do useless work as an excuse to pay them.

New Money

As long as the economy can produce goods and services for people to buy with their money, we can just print new money and hand it out.

And we don't have to wait for the government. Project Greshm has figured out how to issue Basic Income through a private company.

The Greshm system is managed for the benefit of everyone. It's free. You will not have to "buy in" to participate.

Alex Howlett

Project Greshm's founder, Alex Howlett, has been developing Basic Income theory since 2011. He also hosts the Boston Basic Income discussion series.

The Greshm Blog offers a glimpse into Alex's unique perspective on Basic Income.

A 1-page overview and a 5-page white paper explain how the Greshm system works.

If you got stuck explaining Basic Income to your friends, reach out to Alex. He'll get you unstuck.